1973 Flames of War: The Yom Kippur War

With the blessing of the author of these lists, Owen Heather, this page is a resource for any wargamers who would like to use the Flames of War rules for more Modern conflicts. In this particular case the Arab-Israeli wars of 1967 – 1973, and with a focus on the Yom Kippur conflict/October War/Ramadan War.

Two caveats.

One is that these rules were written for second edition and thus points costs have not yet been adjusted for third edition. Neihter Owen nor myself has yet taken them through their paces for third edition.

The second is that Owen has put quite a bit of work into these lists and you are free to download them to your heart’s content.  All documents are in word so you can play around with them, but please respect where they have come from and let us know if you come up with good ideas in your playtesting through the comments section on this blog.

Thanks, and I hope that they allow you many hours of enjoyable gaming.





Jordanian_Orbat_1973 (1)

Nate and Owen




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