NDC as a wargames collective

Well, I guess two people isn’t much of a collective, but we do share pretty much everything that we have in wargames terms.  Dan and I go back a loooong way, and we’ve always had quite similar likes and dislikes. As kids we were both into GI Joe and Transformers. As we grew up we collected comics together. It is kind of telling that although we collected all sorts (mostly Marvel) I was the one who collected X-Factor and Dan was the one who collected Uncanny X-Men.  I think I’ve always been a bit more nostalgic in a sense, Dan enjoying the newer up to date team, me going for the one built out of the original X-Men, and trying to find any copies I could of the original X-men stories.  I loved the 1960s Marvel comics, still do. Anyway, we both invested heavily (for 12 year olds) in Esci 1/72 plastic toy soldiers and tanks. We wargamed World War Two and American Civil War. I wargamed Napoleonics fanatically, but it was never really Dan’s thing (still isn’t, but I might convert him one day…).

By the time we reached University, we weren’t gaming anymore. Then we decided that we would buy some Warhammer 40,000 with our hard earned student loans. It was the move that got us back into wargaming again. Over the next few years Dan moved to the South Island, so I wargamed alone in a new club, leaving Warhammer 40K behind and going back to historicals. When Dan moved back to the North Island 2 years ago, we decided that we would get back into wargaming together with a vengeance. So the collective has invested in the following areas:

Warhammer Ancient Battles in 28mm – The Roman Invasion of Britain. We have Imperial Romans and Asncient British based on the lists in the original rulebook. These still need paint. The Age of Arthur – A British kingdoms army and an Anglian army. These are currently undergoing the paintbrush treatment. Shieldwall – a Viking army, and we’re looking at an Anglo-Saxon army sometime soon; then we’ll start painting. El Cid – We have the Spanish, just looking at buying some Artizan Moors to face them; then we’ll start painting. Age of Chivalry – English and Scottish armies for the Hundred Years War – unpainted again! Legends of the Old West – Dan and I have two gangs each,mostly painted (my outlaws are still only in undercoat stage)

We also have 28mm World War One and World War Two skirmish forces of a platoon a side. For World War One we have British, French and German platoons, complete with a whole range of support, from Heavy Machine Guns to tanks to planes. All the Brits and Germans are painted, and 1 section of French. For World War Two we have a German platoon, a US platoon, a Soviet platoon a British partrooper platoon and hopefully soon a German Fallshirmjager platoon. These are the next 28mm project after the Arthurians.

We have various DBA armies in 15mm, and we’re looking at painting enough for a good campaign before moving onto the WW2. My Marian Romans are the only ones painted currently, but we’ll probably go with a Punic Wars campaign, as we have all the forces for that. Also in 15mm we have a painted British Flames of War army, and we are looking at getting a German army to fight it. We have 15mm New Zealand Wars too, which still need a bit of time and care to complete.

In 10mm we have 2 armies for Marlburian (probably my favourite period – only World War One comes close, but more on that later), French-Bavarian and Allied Anglo-Dutch. We’ve only just purchased these, but we’re keen to get into them. We’ll be using Barry Hilton’s ‘Under the Lily Banners’ Rules. We have the current version, but an updated commercial set are soon to be released. Also fighting for attention in the 10mm stakes are Napoleonic armies for DBN, a DBA spin off. Maybe that way I’ll get Dan into Napoleonics… we also have 28mm forces for Napoleonic skirmishes in the Peninsula.

As if that weren’t quite enough, we’ve also got 28mm Pirates, Border Reivers, Gladiators, NZ Wars, Modern Iraq, Future Wars and Necromunda gangs for skirmish gaming. We’ve also got Warmachine forces – Mercenaries and Cygnar. We’ve got 1/285 Modern Israelis and Germans, and Epic 40,000 Space Marines Only the odd figure in any of these ranges is painted.

Finally, we’ve got Warhammer 40,000 armies: Eldar (painted), Dark Eldar (painted), Space Wolves (nope), Orks (mostly undercoated…), and our own Imperial Guard using some Warzone figs and some GW stuff (barely put together).

So in total, piles of figs, most of which we still need to paint. But the madness isn’t finished yet. Obviously we still want to get those Anglo-Saxons and Berbers for WAB, but I’ve also got a thing about doing modern 1/285 armies for India and Pakistan… Then there is my mad dream of the North West Frontier in 54mm…

 So why do we have all these figures if we’re notoriously slow painters? Well, for one thing, the NZ dollar had a great period there where it made sense to buy in bulk. Secondly, because pretty much everything is individually based, we can still play with most of this stuff, even if it doesn’t look overly attractive.  There is also the story that no wargamer can die until their last figure is painted, if you believe all the old superstitions…



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