Painting a WAB Arthurian Army

Dan and I are currently trying to put together 2 Arthurian Armies for Warhammer Ancient Battles. These are only 1500 points strong, but still seem to have a lot of models. The funny thing is that it should only take a month to paint a unit, but I’ve had these armies a long time ( about two years), and it is only recently that they have started to receive a lick of paint. So the plan is to try to set myself goals through a blog and post pictures of my progress.  I’ve heard that it is a great way to keep on track. Well, here’s hoping.

Below is the second half of the Arthurian cavalry from Old Glory, all undercoated and ready to go. I’ll make sure to post photos of the troops that I’ve already finished on the blog soon.

 The Arthurian Cavalry in their undercoated state



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