Arthurians so far…

As promised I’ve finally got around to posting some pictures of my British Kingdoms Army for the Age of Arthur so far. First up, some Combrogi:


Next, another unit of Combrogi. These guys are a bit more regular, and might stand in for Teulu if I ever choose not to have cavalry (fat chance). Second from the right is a Gripping Beast figure – he represents my Uchelwyr, Derfel (from the Bernard Cornwall Warlord series):

 More Combrogi

 And then there are my Teulu cavalry so far:


And finally, my King (Arthur, of course), and his standard bearer. The Uchelwyr standard bearer is Sagramor, from the Cornwell novels. In case you’re wondering why I didn’t finish painting him, he is supposed to be a Moor!


Now for the close ups. Apparently at the Battle Of Badon Hill, Arthur carried an image of the virgin on his shield. Unfortunately, my Arthur doesn’t have a shield. But his trusty standard bearer is also his shield bearer. My apologies for any bad Latin. My excuse is that by AD530 they were all speaking pidgin Latin anyway…


And here’s a close up of the boss man himself:


 The figs are all Old Glory, bar a few Gripping Beast that crept in, and generally, they match up OK. You have to be a little selective about what figures you use around the GB, some of the troops begin to look like pygmies otherwise. Some people have said that they are not really taken with the quality of Old Glory figs. I actually really like them, and feel that they paint up well. I particualrly like their horses – very animated.



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