Game from last weekend

I put everything school related on hold last weekend as Dan was able to come down. We did what we usually do – plenty of work on terrain and basing figures up – and played a game. It is a compulsory agenda item for us to have a game of something when Dan is down, usually involving our current project. We are still coming to grips with the rules of WAB, so that is our aim  for gaming at the moment. Things ran much more smoothly than normal – ie not so much referring back to the rules, but we did forget one major rule – fall back in good order. This turned the game really, as Dan’s big unit of Gedricht should not have been run down by my Teulu – they should simply have fbigo. Earlier, a similar situation had occured on my flank in turn two. I was the victim that time, so I guess things evened out (that’s my excuse, ’cause I won…).

We played 75% breakpoint, which brought us right down to the wire – it was basically a case of whoever could kill one figure from the opposing side would win. My Combrogi aren’t armed with javelins for nothing! Lots of fun, but the rematch will definitely see us with a much firmer grasp of all the necessary rules.

 Battle panorama

 Above are the armies at deployment. Note the beautiful terrain, and the half (or less) painted armies.

 Dan’s painted Units

 A full size picture to show the fruits of Dan’s efforts so far. These are Duguth with some archers. Dan complains about how long it takes to paint anything, but his efforts are definitely worthwhile! In the background are a house and church that I scratch built. The thatched roof is made from teddy bear fur.

 Crossing the River

 Above you can see the armies coming together. The river is made from plasticard, with Silicon filler, model raiway ballast and static grass to add to the effect. The road is MDF covered in railway ballast and finished off with static grass.

Next game will be after Christmas I think. In meantime, I have skirmishers to paint…


2 comments on “Game from last weekend

  1. Ah yes, the number of times I have forgotten to FBIGO aswell . I know what you are going through! 🙂 Nice buildings, and I like the use of carts and wagons to enliven the scenery.

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