Eye Candy

Well, I hope it is eye candy. The problem with blogs is that using high definition photos chew up memory space. So I hope these pics are good.

I also hope that my painting is worth looking at. I definitely shade my figs, and always paint eyes, but that perfect ‘Dallimore’ finish is a very elusive beast!


First up we have three Pirates. I bought the Pirate pack from Eureka, and was quite impressed with the figures. My only gripe is that the weapons were interchangeable, and in order to get any longevity, pinning is necessary. I love painting, but I hate modelling figs. I’d rather just pull them straight out of the pack, clean the flash and paint. WWII tanks make me near apoplectic (this would be why there are 5 tanks still awaiting my building efforts)! This summer Dan and I plan to finish painting our Sea Dogs in order to be ready for the February release of Legends of the High Seas by Warhammer Historical.


Next up, some skirmishing figs for Napoleonics. These are Redoubt, and I’m not wild about them to tell the truth. I purchased the Peninsular skirmish pack which contained British Rifles, French Voltigeurs and Foot Dragoons and some Spanish Guerillas. Seemed like a nice one-off purchase. But I find the heads are overlarge and the rifles far too short. Never mind, I’ll use them anyway!


 Following on from there, my gang of lawmen for Warhammer Historical Legends of the Old West. Dan and I played a fantastic camnpaign for LotOW, fantastic mainly because I won! The figs are Old Glory i think – Dan bought them. They are the Earps and some everyday Cowpokes. So here is the Sheriff, Deputy and their posse. I also added a couple of Bounty Hunters, wit ha Euro feel. Otto von Schnitzelhausen and Mad Jock, both of which are Crusader minis. I can’t recommend this system enough. Games are short and fun and you really get into the characterisation! I have an Outlaw gang from Black Scorpion to put together. My only gripe is that they are significantly bigger than my Lawmen, and Dan’s Artizan Outlaws and Mexicans. But the figures are simply fantastic. Black Scorpion also have some Pirate figures, so when Legends of the High Seas is released, I’m going to purchase their Royal Marines to battle my Pirates.


Sometimes you see some figures and you know you just have to have them. I get that feeling whenever I see Mark Copplestone’s work, but manage to resist. There was no resisting his Future Wars Corporate Babes though. I have both packs, but still have another 6 to paint. These four were a lot of fun to splash paint on though.

I haven’t got far with my WWII Germans, but I do have a section finished. Only 2 sections and command figures and support left to go. And tanks. And terrain. These are Artizan figs. Very nice to paint up.german-wwii.jpg

I’ve still got some more photos to go, but they represent bits and pieces of distant projects – Necromunda and Border Reivers. But here’s a parting shot of the Emperor himself. A Front rank figure bought about 7 years ago. One of my very first 28mm historicals. I have Marlborough and Frederick the Great waiting in the wings, might get them done straight after the Arthurians.



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