Comics Addiction

In my initial post on the site I mentioned that Dan and I really became friends through a mutual love of comics. Mostly the X-titles of the late 1980s, but also the Avengers and Fantastic Four. I even read a few DC titles, although they were never Dan’s cup of tea. Well, we would have given anything to be able to collect figures to game our heroes in those days, but there just wasn’t anything around. Dan remained an avid comics buyer, but myself, well I just picked up the odd thing here and there, and tried to keep up with what Claremont and others were doing to the X-men (which was pretty much wrecking them…). I have to say that my interest was rekindled when Joss Whedon started Astonishing X-men. It was so good to see the team well written for the first time since Louise Simonson’s run on X-Factor.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to provide an in-depth critique of comic books, but to show how they link to wargaming.  This came about when I stumbled across Battleground Weird War in my surfing, and was pleasantly surprised to see figures of the Invaders (Captain America, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch) fighting the Nazis. After some research I found that these figures were from the Heroclix range. This is one of those collectible games with booster packs i.e. you have to buy heaps to get the figures that you’re after. So I sourced a company, Strikezone, who provided the figures individually. I worked out how much the Invaders would be, and added the X-men in just for old times sake, and contacted Dan to let him know. Well, he wanted them all! So in nio time flat he had ordered 76 assorted goodies and baddies. Unfortunately the postage from the US is a killer – it makes up a third of the total cost of anything you buy, and the initial plan was for about 100 figs, but that made the postage even worse – about 1/2 the total! The good thing was that the figures had arrived within a week – very speedy.

On Saturday we pulled them all off their Heroclix bases and remounted them. The painting is often very basic and quite shabby in places, so we’re going to touch them up. Alongside the Pagenses this weekend, I touched up the Fantastic Four. The figure that I painted least was the Thing, as I felt he looked OK. The other three members got the full treatment, particularly the Human Torch.

 Fantastic Four

 So what to do with them. Well, Dan and I are looking at adapting WAB for superheroes. Certainly it will take a lot of role play, and we think that a lot of the Pulp atmosphere needs to be added – eg. scenario driven games where players are awarded points for clever traps, boasting, using cliched lines (‘I’ll be back’, ‘you haven’t heard the last of me’ etc). But in the meantime- my Arthurian Combrogi are awaiting!


One comment on “Comics Addiction

  1. I love your work on the Human Torch. I myself am the opposite, I am an avid comic fan, with a passing interest in wargaming, mostly the painting really, I have never been able to involve myself to any appreciable extent into the play aspect. I have been looking at the Marvel Heroclix for quite some time now, as a huge Marvel fan, it looks like something I could really enjoy, if I could just find a good group of people to play with. If you’re interested in comics based on wargaming at all, if you have a passing interest in Warhammer, or Warhammer 40k, BOOM! Studios is currently publishing comics based on that universe, personally, I think the basic Warhammer comic is better. If you read it, lemme know what you thought of it.

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