Woohoo! One finished WAB Army

To say I was obssessed with having this army finished before 2008 is an understatement. Well, the Christmas period has seen me achieve my goal, and I couldn’t wait to get it on the Blog. So here it is – the complete 1500 point British Kingdoms army!

 Whole Army

The final unit of Combrogi is pictured here:

Third and final unit of Combrogi

 And Dan’s been busy too! Aside from undercoating his entire army with the base colours, he has built the first section of a Dark Age fort, seen here:

Fort Wall

 Finally, to celebrate the final few figures, I painted one of my Trojan Wars figures (from the Black Tree range). This is Achilles. I know he looks more like Homer’s description of him as a dark man-killer than the historical version which looked like Brad Pitt, but I still quite like him!


Now onto new pastures. We are supposed to be concentrating on DBA next, but it might be WWII. I have a feeling the next project will come out of left field – Flames of War! Dan actually has a painted British army, and it looks like we are about to acquire a painted German Army! All for Mid or Late War. We’ll have to see what happens.



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