Moving On

In the time since the last post, there has been a couple of weeks of gaming business, which has included much game playing, much kit work and some painting.

Starting with the first, Dan and I have played 3 games of an Age of Arthur campaign. Surprisingly, my Brits have been doing in his Saxons, with one comprehensive win that totally swept his boys from the field! I’ve started using the finest armour character advantage instead of Knight Commander, ironically at Dan’s suggestion, and this has proven to have a decisive effect upon my core unit of Knights. We have gone from Dan trying to cross a river into my territory to me going on the offensive and raiding one of his settlements. All good fun, and it is nice to see Arthur doing so well.

The other game that I played was a refight of Fuentes De Onoro, 1811, with the Rotorua Grenadiers (the Napoleonic players in Rotorua don’t really have a name, so I’ll make one up). It is still in the early stages, although I think that Paul and I are doing well with the French at the moment.

 Kit building has been fruitful – Dan and I put together 1/48 T-34, Panzer IV, Stug III, and Sherman for our WWII games, and also organised our WWII 28mm figures for the Rules of Engagement rules. WWII 28mm is meant to be the next period, but I have to admit to being stuck for inspiration at the moment. See further on for the reason why.

I’ve also used the new Ork Codex to organise the 40K Orks, and I’ve done a bit of kit building to convert up a Runtherd and a squad of 10 Kommandos. The new Codex is finally taking on the atmosphere of 2nd edition a bit more, so I’m actually quite enthusiastic about the Orks at the moment – strike one against the WWII project!

In terms of painting I’ve put together a group of pirates (pictured here). This is in anticipation of the upcoming Legends of the High Seas ruleset. Very much looking forward to it – gaaaargh, Matey!


I’ve also finished my first unit of Marlburian 10mm for the Warmaster conversion (I’ve borrowed many ideas from the yahoo group in historical-warmaster for this). Unfortunately, this photo is a bit blurry, but I can’t wait to get into this project. It was originally going to be a gradual thing where I painted a Marlburian unit in between every 28mm unit that I painted, but I’m getting the itch to go hard on it! Strike Two against WWII. I haven’t talked too much about it on this blog yet, but Marlburian is right up there with WWI as my fav period of history. I plan to have BIG armies for this (48 infantry bns and 30 cavalry regts per army  -long way off…).

British Foot Guards

Then there is the fact that I keep looking at the El Cid Spanish in the cabinet and thinking that that I would like to get stuck into them. Strike Three and the WWII is OUT! But I’ll force myself to paint up the Germans, and then at least I can say that I can stick to a plan.

The other news is that I’m now the proud owner of a Flames of War Panzer Grenadier Company. I only have to paint up the 88s. Could be another interference with plans. We’ll see what happens.



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