Sticking to plan

I’ve been finding it hard, but have managed to ensure that another squad of WW2 Germans got painted in the last week. I think half the problem is the camo. It is fun to paint on a few figures every now and then, but not when you’re trying to paint figs to a schedule. The other half is my butterfly like nature when it comes to staying focused. I have the support, a rifle section and the command section still to paint. Not a huge amount I guess, so I should be able to get it all finished within a couple of months. Here is the next section:


As a complete diversion, I painted up a Warmachine jack. I’ve got a mercenary force sitting there, mostly Rhulic with three units of the Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps, Gorten Grundback and the Ghordson Driller, a couple of Ogryn Bokur bodyguards and Ashlynn d’Elyse with 2 Vanguards and a Nomad. It’s a tidy 1000 point force, and I look forward to learning the rules (I’ve read them, just haven’t played them yet…). I love the sculpting on these figures, better than anything that Game Workshop have produced in my opinion, and I’m not trying to finish an army in ‘x’ weeks, so this was going to be pure fun. And it proved to be. I chose the Ghordson Driller (it has quite a funky look to it) and I’m quite happy with the result, as seen here:


I’ve also finished my first unit of Marlburian cavalry, but I’m basing them up tomorrow, so we’ll save them for my next post which will cover my love of the Marlburian period and my philosophy on painting 10mm figs.


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