Garrrrgh, Matey! (WAB Arthurian battle Report)

It has been over a month since I last posted, but as foreseen, school has taken a front seat in my life again. Never mind – the next lot of holidays are only 5 weeks away!

Dan and I have received our copies of Legends of the High Seas from Warhammer Historical and it looks like a great game! We’ve played 2 quick games between our pirate crews, and I got my butt kicked – twice! Ne’er mind, it let us see what the various advantages and disadvantages of our crews and their weapons were. We got hold of the Weapons and Warriors Pirate playset from ebay in the UK, and I’ve put my sloop together already. I’ve got a Pirate crew and a Royal Navy Crew – Dan is thinking about whether to be Pirates or Privateers. Hopefully I’ll be able to give an update this weekend as Dan is coming down and we are keen to have another game or two (they are quick).

A week and a half ago Dan stayed, and as well as two pirate games we got in a game of Age of Arthur WAB. The beauty is – we finally both have painted armies! The mission was the battle of Ceit Celidon, and I was attacking. Therefore I had to try to get three intact units off Dan’s board edge to win. Surprisingly, I just about did it – I would have won if I’d let my Army General leave the field, but i hadn’t read the scenario conditions properly and turned him back to help out another unit. So in the end it was a bloody (and I mean bloody) stalemate. Here’s some photos:

The Battlelines converge

Here the two battleliens are drawn up and begin to converge – British on the right, Saxons on the left.


Here’s a nice view of the rear of two of Dan’s Saxon units – Duguth and Gedricht. Dan’s done a really nice job on these figs!

Battle is joined

Combrogi do there best to imitate a speed bump in front of the Gedricht and the Teulu make hard work of some Duguth.


Combrogi plough into mounted Duguth. The Duguth proved to be an effective speed bump, but failed just in time for this unit to exit the board. Along with the Teulu, this gave me the bloody standoff that neither side wanted! My Sacerdot in the fornt row of this unit is points well spent if people are looking for advice on characters. His reroll on panic tests saved my bacon twice in this game!

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