So what next?

Well the short term goal is to get the pirates up and running. It’s a skirmish game so there isn’t a lot of time needed for the figures. But there are the boats and the other scenery, so that will probably take up a month or so, at least. After the pirates, I’d like to finish off the Old West civilians and my outlaw gang. After that is the quandary.

I’ve abandoned any hope of WW2 being the next big painting project – just too many other figs that I want to get painted first. Finishing the WWI French would be good. And the British Cavalry. That would be everything WWI that I currrently have, although I’m keen to get some German cav, and I might just buy some Old Glory late war cav for everyone, and some 75mm guns for the French. Speaking of WWI, Warhammer Great War is meant to be out mid-year, and I’m keen to see what it is like!  I probably won’t play it for 1918, and stick to the Price of Glory rules which are based on platoon actions, but I wouldn’t mind getting some 20mm plastic figs for 1914. HaT will soon be releasing 1914 French, and the Germans aren’t too far behind, not to mention they already do Russians, Austro-Hungarians, Turks and Serbs. Strelets do German and Russian cav and have Austrians planned, so I’m thinking this would be a good scale to use. Cheap too, and that is a real attraction at the moment…

So Pirates, Old West, WWI (1918 in 28mm) and then probably El Cid for WAB. The Marlburians haven’t progressed past a drybrush of Grey on a French battalion, but then nothing has really progressed in the last month and a half. I’d still like to keep them rolling in between everything else. That will probably bring 2008 to a conclusion I would think. But that won’t stop me continuing to plan stuff! Dan is wanting to get his Eldar sorted once and for all, and the idea of painting the Orks is appealing. They might sneak in front of El Cid – but then, like the Marlburians, the Orks are probably something I’d like to keep for a unit here and there. Too easy to get sick of painting greenskins!

For the future, Dan and I have invested in Weird World War Two – Artizan’s Thrilling Tales range and some Westwind WW2 Zombies. A little side project that might get some attention here and there!  The new Hell Dorado fantasy game looks interesting, but the minis are simply breathtaking – got to get me some of those this year! I’ve already mentioned 1914 in plastics, but Emhar have just announced the release of Prussian Infantry for the Franco Prussian War to go with their French. Hmmm, I can just see it… convert Artillery out of American Civil War figs, use WWI German cav and Napoleonic French Cuirassiers – Here’s a period I could really sink my teeth into! I love anything to do with Pickelhauben! So much so that I bought one, and plan to wear it as I play Great War (and maybe Franco-Prussian) games!

Complete tangent here, but I wonder if my great great grandfather Carl Frank served in the Schleswig Wars or Austro-Prussian War? He was born in Prussia (Pritzwalk) in 1833, it might have been just the right year to avoid the big conflicts – too old or too young. By the way, if any Franks from Pritzwalk are still around I’d love to know. Carl moved to Essen, and married Christine Kurz. She already had a son, Heinrich Boerner, who was not allowed to migrate to New Zealand with the rest of the family in 1875 due to being of military age. The family lost track of him. Any Boerners who think their great grandfather might fit this description, let me know!

Enough ramblings – back to schoolwork



2 comments on “So what next?

  1. Hi Nate,
    came across your spiel while researching our mutual ancestor (he’s my great grandfather) Carl Frank. I’ve got some info on his descendants around the Taranaki Region but very little from Prussia.
    I’d appreciate anything you have on the family’s Prussian history. We knew a son had been left behind but thought it was their own John born in 1850.


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