Boogie Groove

About 20 years ago Dan and I strted inventing our own comic characters. We spent untold hours in the back of his Mum’s garden shop coming up with our universe of Marvel and DC rip offs (mostly Marvel). The gem of this time was Delta Wave, a team of mutants that went through several transformations. I was obssessed with the early Marvel writing of Stan Lee, and for this reason the comics basically sucked. They were 20 years out of date in terms of writing. I also felt that I was a better artist than Dan, and I guess in conventional John Buscema terms I was – but Dan had style, which I didn’t recognise for quite a while.

When I got to Uni I invented a team called Boogie Groove, with the basic plot that some aliens (the Disc’oers) gave 4 teenage surf bums powers in order to fight some other aliens (the Gysk). Why didn’t the Disco’ers do it all themselves with their superior technology and superhuman abilities? Because they weren’t groovy enough! Sound like the thinnest plot ever – it was miles ahead of Delta Wave! Anyway, I did a rough draft (you could call it pencils, but I wouldn’t go that far…), which Dan took away and added to. He was geeting influenced by artists that really appealed to his style, and in 1996 created the first few pages of Boogie Groove. For the sake of nostalgia, I thought I’d post them here:

BoogiegrooveBoogiegroove 2

Boogiegroove 3

Never did finish it, but maybe one day…


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