Legends of the High Seas complete

Well the crews are anyway. I now have a Royal Navy Crew and a pirate crew, plus the Pirate sloop and a bit of terrain finished. Here are the pictures:


The Royal Naval Crew all together. The Officers and Marines are Front Rank figures from the War of Spanish Succession range, the Midshipman with the drinking problem (no problem – drinking is easy…) is a Foundry figure, and the rest of the crew are Irregular figs.


Here’s a close up of the Captain and the Marines. The Marines have the Green facings of Fox’s Regiment. The officer wears pink because he likes the colour. I used a much more subtle shading gradation for the captain than I normally do. You can see the contrast with the darker shaded Marines, who have been inked and the captain who is several layers of flesh colour built up. This makes him pretty in pictures, but for 3 foot wargames, the contrasting flesh tones of the Marines make for a better look on the wargaming table. These Front Rank figures were lovely to paint. I can’t recommend them enough to any aspiring Royal Navy captain!


Here’s the pirate crew, most of which have aleady made it onto this blog, but I have added a couple of extras including the Quartermaster (in yellow with the foot on a chest). The tow female Pirates are my captain’s mates (literally). Free living lifestyle those pirates…


 And here is their little sloop, the Cassandra Marie. She is built form a Weapons and Warriors Pirate playset ship, and Dan has one to put together as well. Only problem is that the crew barely fit in her, let alone 2 deck guns, so I’m guessing that we will have to pretend that the guns are below decks until the crew upgrade their vessel!


Finally, here are the some markers for reload (cannonballs) and loot (treasure chests). both are from the Wepaons and Warriors Playset, as is the fort and the palm trees in the background. Cost $67 (NZ) from UK on E-Bay, and worth every penny!

So I guess we’re ready to start a campaign. Now on to painting some more Marlburians and finishing my WWI French off!


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