Full Circle

Plenty has happened since my last posting, and it might take a while to update it all!

For a start, I have (Shock! Horror!) sold my Marlburians. ‘Why?!’ you scream, ‘you love your Marlburians – Marlborough is even the guy on your header!’. Despite appearances, it was deliberately well thought out. You see, I was agonising on how long it would take for me to get the project fully off the ground – and even then there was something about 10mm that I still wasn’t completely comfortable with. Don’t get me wrong, I love the scale, and rate it head and shoulders over 15mm. It was more about the effectiveness of the scale for Marlburians. After painting those Front Rank figures for the Legends of the High Seas Pirate crew, I just knew I would never be satisfied until I had Front Rank 28mm Marlburian armies.

At the same time, as more info began to appear about the Warhammer Great War rules, I realised that I needed more World War One Brits and Germans. And at the same time Renegade are having their 6 quid a blister sale. The planets aligned and the deed is done. I no longer have the 10mm Marlburians, but I do have a couple of companies of 1918 goodness headed my way.

This fits well with the fact that my primary historical passion always has been and always will be World War One. But what of my other great passion? What of Marlborough and his times? Well, some time towards the end of 2009 I’m going to start buying some Front Rank figs. 18 infantry or 6 cavalry at a time, I’m going to build units for the Spanish Succession, using Barry Hilton’s Under the Lily Banners rules. I’m going to do it right, over an extended period of time, so that when I’m a pot-bellied 40 year old (rather than a pot-bellied 32 year old), I have the armies of my dreams to play with for WWI and Marlburians…

Why the end of 2009? Because I’ve got plans for things up until then. First of all, Dan and I have decided we are not going to let the opportunity for 28mm plastic ACW armies pass us by. The Perries will be receiving a decent chunk of our combined cash. Why ACW? I haven’t even mentioned it before! It kind of strikes a chord with Dan and I. back when we were teens, we purchased Esci figures to battle with. Mostly these were WW2 to begin with – Dan liked Vietnam too. And of course I loved Napoleonics. We gamed WW2 a bit, but it wasn’t really my thing, and we couldn’t be bothered writing rules. I don’t think we ever played a Vietnam game. But Dan’s cousin Marcus was into Napoleonics as well, and when the Revell American Civil War figures were released, he and I began collecting for the American Civil War. Marcus had Rebs, I had Yanks, and Dan really enjoyed those games that we had. So close to Napoleonics, and yet not.  Dan was toying with the idea of 15mm when the Perry figs were announced. It took me several months to persuade him that 28mm will just look better, and works out cheaper. Not sure what rules we will use yet. I’ve already purchased some Old Glory Zouaves to go with them.

The other project on the table is my ultimate nostalgic move. With the release of all of the 1/72 plastics by HaT, Italeri and Zvezda, collecting Napoleonic armies is suddenly quite easy, and cost effective. I finally made up my mind to pursue armies for one of my all time favourite periods – Napoleonics. Using the General de Brigade rules, I’ve set myself the goal of raising Fench and Russian armies within the next year (not all painted of course. I’m far too disorganised for that!). I bought 3 packs of the HaT French Line Infantry 1808-12, which gives me 6 battalions of 36 plus spares.  The goal short term goal is 8 battalions or so a side, 2 artillery battereies and two cavalry regiments, with generals. This will be 1500 points a side. I’ll consider long term goals once short term is reached! My first test element is below:

But that isn’t all. I recently played a game of Warhammer 40,000 using a Chaos army that Dan bought off trade me, and enjoyed it! It’s been 6 years since I last played 40K, and I felt a wave of nostalgia hitting me as I picked up the rules again and roasted a few Orks. Hopefully this weeked Dan and I will play a game and I’ll post a battle report.

In my first wave of wargaming as a teenager, I collected 1/72 plastic WW2, Napoleonics, ACW and Ancients. In my second phase towards the end of Uni, it was Warhammer 40,000. Then I moved to plastic 1/72 WWI and DBA Ancients. Then it was 28mm WW1, WW2, and Warhammer Ancient Battles. Now, I’m looking at 1/72 plastic Napoleonics again. Things seem to be coming round in a big circle.


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