DBA anyone?

Its been ages since I first painted up some DBA armies. I had a period in 2005-6 when I collected a whole pile of different armies in 15mm, but then sold them all off. I kept just enough for some Marian Romans and Alexander the Great. A week or so ago I decide that I’d try and get some DBA armies painted. These are all in 15mm mind you, not my favourite scale, but I thought I’d give it a go. For the first time, I tried to use blacklining in a consistent way. Ususally I try to shade my 15mm figures, but it doesn’t stand out that well. These are the first results:

I figured I would paint the shield designs on later, or maybe look for some transfers.

Getting into DBA again has convinced me that this might be the way to go in order to cover my other favourite periods that I don’t have time to do in large scale – Italian Wars, ECW, 1670s (Turenne and Montecuccoli), Marlburian and Frederick the Great. I can use DBR condensed for the first three, and adapt DBN for the other 2. All in 10mm, and this is a very cheap way to game these eras. It is true that these DBx rules give very similar feeling games, but to me the game is just a part of a campaign system. It gives generals on the battlefield a chance to fight out a conclusion in a short space of time and then get back to the campaign map. It also means a very short preparation time to field armies and game in a particular era. Finally, it means that the BIG painting projects (like WAB, WWII, WWI and ACW) won’t keep getting relegated too much further off.


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