The Great War is here

It arrived on Wednesday last week – the book I’ve been waiting all this time for – Warhammer Historical’s The Great War. Was it worth the wait? I believe so. The game is very much based upon Warhammer 40,000, which means that much of the rules I don’t need to learn as I’m already familiar with a lot of the concepts behind them. The army lists are good – restrictive enough to give good balanced forces. The eye candy is supurb, and I would probably have been slightly more stunned if I hadn’t already seen many of the figures and much of the terrain in the Wargames magazines. Nevertheless, there is nothing here that would turn you off WWI and everything that would turn you on to it. I have read the Army Lists and rules, but still haven’t quite made it to the scenarios yet. I’ll work my way through them this week. So I am excited and well done to Mike Reardon, Alex Buchel, Rob Broom and all those who produced it!

Looking at my collection I can see that I easily have 1,000 points of Germans and Brits, and about 800 points of French. I’ve got close to 1500 points all up for each of the first two, but it will take some jiggery-pokery to make sure that I can field everything! At the moment I’m looking at using a German Angriffbattalion and a standard British Battalion. The French will be Veterans. There is a Highlander stat line for the Brits that I think the NZers will fit into, so I may try to price up my force that way. Hopefully Dan and I will have a go this weekend.



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