Belated Posts

It has been a hectic month and a bit since my last posts, so here is a brief update.

Dan and I had a weekend of dedicated gaming fun about 4 (or was it 5) weeks ago. First up was a WAB game. Idecided that I would try something different and let my Combrogi take the brunt of battle. I wanted to see what the army could do if it didn’t rely on the Teulu. By turn 2 it was obvious I was in deep doodoo! The Teulu rushed in to try to rectify the situation (with some pretty dodgy manoeuvring which was, by and large, not allowed) and were appropriately carved up. It is the first game that Dan has won since I gave the Teulu finest armour to go with their finest horses. It definitley gave me a clear indication of where the army’s strength lies!

Next was a Legends of the High Seas Campaign. Three battles in a row, and in all three I am happy to say that my little pirate crew performed very well. I lost one of my mates, Jiggly Jane, along the way, but was easily able to afford to replace her with her cousin, Jiggly Joan, so that was fine. My other mate, Easy Lizzie, has suffered a defence impairing wound which is unfortunate. Teo cutthroats, Rancid Ron and Backwater Bob, became Heroes. Quartermaster Jim ‘the Book’ Cook was captured but managed to escape. Origami the Chinaman was killed in his first outing. Heaps of character in these games – thoroughly enjoyable!

Above: My set up, minus the blue sea-cloth. Not from the game, taken just after I’d finished the beach sections.

Finally, we played a game of Warhammer Great War, just to try it out. We didn’t do points, just a couple of platoons a side with no real objective, just to see how the rules worked. We liked them, but several things were quite obvious – be careful to space your figures 2″ apart in order to get a 6+ save; avoid trying to attack where there are Heavy Machine Guns (should be obvious, but in limited terrain..?); try to end all movement in some sort of cover.

The hand to hand seemed to go on and on, with new troops joining the melee all the time. It is also quite random, and I definitely suggest shooting as many opponents as possible before hand to hand happens!

The Great War is our priority project now with Dan painting up the rest of the Brits and me the Germans. Then there is the rest of the terrain – some trenches (scrapes or foxholes), barbed wire and maybe another couple of buildings. We have our major trench system terrian boards to finish too.

lately i decided that I would finish off the German Flames of War that we bought a couple of months back. I also thought I’d see if I could repaint the tanks any better tha nthey were. I started last weekend.

First up, the repainted StuG. I might have gone a bit overboard on the green and brown in the camo, so I’ll try to cut back on the next tank. I was pleased with the result of the blacklining though, and of the whole effect in general. I lost a bit of detail by painting over what was already there, but the  final result justifies it on a whole.

 This is the staff car for the 88mm battery. This was painted from scratch, and I’m pleased with the result. It may have ended up a little too ochre, but I won’t complain. I’m pretty laissez faire with painting WW2 colours. I just always feel that people get far too anal about it. After all, there were many different shades and schemes from one unit to the next, and even within units.

Holidays are upon us, so there should be a bit more regular updating going on with any luck!


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