Latest painting

I’ve been busy with the paint brush in the last couple of days. I wanted to get the Flames of War 88s finished. I wasn’t too concerned with intricate detail in my painting; all I wanted was a result that would look OK on the wargames table. Here is the finished product:

and a close up showing the poor painting on the infantry:

I’ve also been working on a battalion of French Napoleonics using 1/72 HaT figures. I haven’t quite cleaned up the flag yet, but was keen to get the pictures up anyway. I’m going to use the Warhammer rules for them, and thought I’d demonstrate the different formations available. First up – Line:

Next, the Column:

And finally, Square:

I’m quite happy with how they have come out. I’ll do a small division a side with French and probably Austrians (my other favourite Napoleonic side).

Dan’s been busy too, building terrain stuff, more of that next post.


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