As would be obvious to anyone who has followed this blog, my twin passions are the First World War and the Age of Marlborough. The first of these I am happily set to game, with the new Warhammer rules and plenty of figures (including 38 more to paint!). The other I have notyet found any rules that I like, nor do I currently have the finances or time to embark on creating vast hordes of Front Rank figures. I am hopeful of winning the lottery, but as I don’t take tickets, it is quite unlikely. Looks like it will be my long-term goal…

Anyway, in the meantime I thought I could still game in the age of Louis XIV, but on a small scale and in a bit earlier period than Marlborough. The 1670s and Turenne and Montecuccoli to be exact, using Pendraken 10mm figures.  I can get 2 armies together quickly if I look at using rules based on DBA. There are the Humberside Gamers extension for DBA, but I would like my Pike to be integrated into my shot elements, so I’ve devised my own period specific supplement – De Bellis Denticulati – the Lace Wars (apologies for my Latin). The only problem is that I’ve neglected to take account of the effect of the new troop types on the old troop types. This is something I will look into soon. In the meantime I’ll post them here:


The main reason for going with something as small and simple as DBA is that I want to play solo campaigns and fight the battles out when I have spare time. I’m planning on using Google Earth to give me a good idea of wnat my battlefields will look like and to produce a hex map of the Rhineland campaigning area. The two armies will be 12 element Imperialist and French armies. If I really get into it, these might be followed by Dutch, Spanish, English and another French army. The basic force for both sides is 5 cavalry, 5 mixed infantry 1 Artillery and 1 Dragoons.

When the Pendraken figures arrive I’ll post pictures.


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