The Battle of Mount Agned

On Saturday we played out a battle from the Great War, in order to learn the rules. As with every first game it was a bit of a slog as play slowed for us to search the rulebook and we came to grips with the nuances. So on Sunday we relaxed with a game of WAB (where we are still coming to grips with some of the rules…).

We flicked through the Age of Arthur book for a scenario and decided on the Battle of Mount Agned as we hadn’t played it before and it gave a straight up 1500 point fight. In the photos that follow, the movements of the Saxons (Angles) are marked in blue, the British in Red. Combat is marked in yellow.

Here are the armies after deployment. Dan tried something new, which was to mass his troops on the flank that my Teulu weren’t on.

The first move sees everyone head for the crest of the Mount. The skirmishers unleash on each other, with one Saxon falling casualty. In a cunning move, the Saxon horse turn and march for the centre of the battlefield, having lured the Teulu out to the right.

The sides edge closer and continue firing. The Teulu get restless and charge the Skirmishers, only to see them fire and flee. The centre unit of Combrogi turns in anticipation of hitting the Gedricht in the flank as support for their friends to the left. The left unit of Combrogi stand still – they will need their Shieldwall to try to survive the onslaught of the Gedricht!

With the battle in full swing I forgot the photo at the end of Turn Three! Basically, the Saxon right flank charged in. The Pagenses were swept away by the Duguth at the top of the battlefield. The Gedricht charged as foreseen, but in order to hold up the supporting Combrogi unit, the Saxon Skirmishers charged into them! This was completely unnecessary, as the Gedricht ripped through the Combrogi front rank, broke their morale and hacked them down as they ran. The interesting side of this was that the Combrogi in the centre destroyed the Skirmishers and pursued them past the watchtower.

At the bottom of the battlefield, the Duguth charged the Combrogi and the Skirmishers and Pagenses clashed. The first combat was a stalemate, but the second saw the Pagenses sweep the Skirmishers away and charge down to the bottom of the hill, where the rallied skirmishers routed by the Teulu in turn two were waiting.

In the meantime, the Teulu began their turning manoeuvre.

In turn four the Gedricht and right flank Duguth turn around. The mounted Duguth charge into the Combrogi who had about faced at the end of Turn Three. The Duguth lose heavily, but stand firm, leaving the Combrogi with a horribly exposed rear (titter)!

The Teulu continued their turning manoeuvre.

As feared, the Gedricht and Duguth charge into the rear of the beleaguered Combrogi. Despite taking down the last 2 mounted Duguth, they are soundly beaten. Morale collapses and they try to flee, but with no direction of escape, are mercilessly cut down. The Saxons give a particular shout of glee as the Sacerdot loses his final wound. In the previous round of combat the Mounted Thegn had issued a challenge to him, and inflicted the first blow. Warlord Danwulf particularly dislikes these militant Christian types!

The surviving skirmishers charge into the Pagenses, but the wild men of the west have their tails up now and rout them from the board. Unfortunately, they follow them off it…

The Combrogi on the ridge line finally destroy the Duguth, and cut them down in pursuit, particularly angry at the death of Sam the Sacerdot!

The Teulu finish their turning manoeuvre – finally!

Taken on a different angle, this shows the battlefield from the British side.

The Teulu crash into the Gedricht from close range and rain down hammer blows upon them! It is too much for the Gedricht, even with their Army Standard Bearer reroll. They break and run, only 10″! Surely the Teulu will run them down, but no! They only roll 9″ in pursuit! It is enough to bring them into contact with the Duguth, but that is all. The surviving mounted Thegn decides things are getting too hot and runs away. The Combrogi advance towards the tower, but it is too late! it is the end of turn 6 and the game is over. No one has secured the tower decisively and it is starting to get cold and dark and it is time for tea… a bloody draw!

Dan’s ploy almost worked. It took me 5 turns to get the Teulu into a place where they would be effective. This is the problem with such a wide unit. I could make it three ranks for manoeuvre, but as we play the optional rule of being unable to reform within 8″ of the enemy, this would limit the ability to add width in a hurry. I may consider dropping a couple of cavalry and put a character in my third unit of Combrogi. I need to check to see that I have enough character points for that. But the smaller the Teulu get, the easier it is for opposition to FBIGO (fall back in good order) instead of routing. It is a bit of a toss up really.

Anyway, it was a good game to end the weekend on.


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