On the Painting table

Latest painting update.

Just finished another Pagenses and an Uchelwyr for my last unit of Combrogi. The corollary has been the reduction of the teulu by 2 figures, but I think it will be worth it. The unit will still contain 14 figures, and as none of units is bigger than 28 figures, it should hopefully still avoid opponents being able to FBIGO.

Warhammer Great War sees me needing to paint another 36 Germans and 20 British troops. Dan has taken on board some of the Brits as well. So I have just put the base coat and highlights down for a further 10 German infantry. I plan to paint them in 2 lots of 10 and 1 of 16. The 16 are all to be painted with camouflage helmets, which is why they are separate.

I have also undercoated and painted the chainmail on my first unit of Caballeros Hidalgos for El Cid. All can be seen here:

Finally I have decided that I will begin the Marlburian project. Every month I will purchase a unit of either 18 infantry or 6 cavalry. The mission is to have this unit painted by the time the next order arrives, without falling behind with any other projects. I’m pretty sure that I can do it! My first battalion will of course be the British Foot Guards. The rules will be Under the Lily Banners by Barry Hilton.


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