Three Weeks and?

No post for three weeks. No explanation other than lack of time. The moment the holidays slip away the blogs come to a stand still. But even if I haven’t taken the time to blog, I have weaseled in the time to paint. Since the last post I have painted 20 German infantry and 10 Spanish Cavalry. I also have the last 16 German inf under the brush as you read this.

The Spanish cav were WAY more work than I had appreciated. And yet, they don’t look that much different  to the Arthurian cav in terms of difficulty. Don’t get it. Maybe there is a big difference between 8 cav and 10 cav? Or maybe because it is a side project it just felt like it took ages? to be fair, I really only spent this week on them.  I’ll have a picture up as soon as possible. I like them. Look forward to the whole army being painted.

The Marlburians? Well.., interesting story. I’m, a bit of a fan of the Old School Wargaming group. My first real wargaming was heavily influenced by Charles Grant and Donald Featherstone. And Mike Siggins’ article a while back pointing out the beauty of realistically sculpted figs such as happened in the 60s and 70s from Willie and Spencer Smith struck a bit of a chord. And then there is the fantastic Battlegames magazine. And my love of Maurice de Saxe and the War of Austrian Succession. Finally the blog of the Duchy of Alzheim

Long story short? I’ve ordered 4 battalions of RSM95 figs, British and French. These aren’t Marlburian, they are Seven Years War. This might seem a radical departure from Marlburian for some, but I aim to game the War of Austrian Succession. The 1740s seems to encapsulate the best of all worlds, and I’ve always viewed Fontenoy as a bit of a classic. At least one of the appeals was the low price – you get 2 RSM figs for every 1 Front rank, although the plummeting NZ dollar is killing that bonus rapidly! I did um and arr. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do imagi-nation armies of my own design or historical French and British, but eventually decided on the latter. Plenty of Warhammer and Warmachine to get the fantasy feel.

I’m planning on using the Kriegkunst rules – the adaptation of General de Brigade for the Seven years War. I’ll kepp everyone posted on this as it develops.

Post with photos soon.



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