An Update

It has been 2 weeks and to be honest little has been achieved on the painting front. I have the last German WWI figs under the brush and the field grey is done, so it is just all of the equipment and flesh that needs to be finished. My aim is to have them done by the end of this weekend.

I went out to see John last weekend. He is one of the Rotorua chaps who is interested in wargaming, particularly in Napoleonics. I’d spoken with him about General de Brigade in 20mm, and he has old painted British and French armies, so I offered to rebase his Brits for him. He also has a pile of 15mm Napoleonics, so he is going to organise them for GdB as well. The ‘mature’ wargamers in the Rotorua area that regularly play historics have not been playing regularly for a while now. I’ve decided that I’m going to try and organise us with a roster. Once a month at alternating people’s houses on a Friday or Saturday night. We’ll see how that goes. The problem with us more ‘mature’ players is that life gets in the way so often, and the standard club meeting in our area on every second Sunday of the month just clashed with too many things. A regular roster that can be changed at the last moment might be a good way to accomodate us all.

My birthday came and went and no RSM95s. Then I got a message from Richard telling me he had been busy and found it hard to get around to finishing off my order. He offered to put in some artillery and accessories to compensate for not being able to post until next week. That is very good customer service as far as I’m concerned. Yes, we expect things to happen instantly in this world, but sometimes life gets in the way. I feel that it is very gentlemanly of him to offer compensation.

Speaking of Gentlemen, I just had to take advantage of Wargames Foundry’s recent sale. It meant some tough negotiations with the budgeteer, but I was able to purchase the Early Parliamentarian English Civil War Army deal as well as purchasing the 1644 rules. I used to have the old 80s version of these rules and really quite liked the look of them, but sold them when Warhammer ECW came out. A bit silly really, as I now think 1644 were far superior. So the updated set is on its way.

I had 2 ECW armies in 28mm for about 2 years languishing about. Dan wasn’t interested and my wargaming buddy Scott, who was keen on the project, moved to Kapiti. So i sold them. A month later I lent Dan a book about the ECW. He came back and said that he loved the whole idea of the period. D’oh!! So ECW is nothing new for me, and I’m looking forward to getting back into it.

In a conversation with Dan today, I tried to establish our next joint projects after WWI. The result was:

1) Flames of War – we have our armies finished, but need to put together some terrain.

2) Warhammer Ancient Battles El Cid – already ahead of him with 1 painted unit of Caballeros.

3) Border Reivers – using a Lord of the Rings conversion from Wargames Journal. A small skirmish game of about 12 figures a side.

4) American Civil War – using the Guns at Gettysburg Rules and copious amounts of Perry plastics.

This should take us to the end of 2009!

At the same time I’ll be slowly building up my armies for ECW and 7 Years War / Austrian Succession. For the latter I’ve decided that I’ll go with the Kriegskunst rules that follow the same system as General de Brigade and Guns at Gettysburg.

Well those are my maniacal plans for the near future, I’m sure they will change, but one clear thing is that using the blog to keep on track helped me finish the Arthurians, so it will definitely contain plenty of updates, starting with my finished German WWI army next week I hope!


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