3 Stugs and a Musketeer

I’ve taken the plunge and resprayed all of the Flames of War vehicles that we bought second hand off Paul earlier this year. No stripping – just a coat of Chaos Black, and start all over again. However, it has taken next to no time, to drybrush the desert yellow basecoat on all of them. Just the final camo patterns and little touch ups left to do, and there isn’t much more.  Here’s the first three vehicles to begin with – a StuG platoon:

And I’ve been a bit quiet about it, but the Foundry English Civil War figures turned up a month or so ago. I’ve finally got time (it is the school holidays) so I’m slowly basing them up. But I couldn’t resist a test model to paint:

The first Musketeer of Sir John Norton’s Regiment of Foote. Never heard of it? That’s because I made it up. All of my regiments will be fictional for a campaign. It gives me some leeway to make up colours and narratives. Sir John is based upon one of my wargaming colleagues, and will be given a randomly determined personality for the campaign.

Now, some more WWI British to paint…


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