Meet the gang, cause the boys are here…

Vic Frank has assembled some thoroughly capable chaps to help in his fight against Nazi nastiness! Here are three key members of his team:

From left to right: Sgt Michael ‘Mike’ Sten, Hemi Heke (Tohunga at large), and Captain Stirling Swift.

Stirling was the top RAF pilot in the FFP (Foo fighters pursuit) squadron. But after one incident where he forced a foo to crash land into the North Sea, he went missing for a couple of months. Upon reappearing he had a rather maniacal look in his eyes, but was unable to explain his absence. After being charged he once more went out on a pursuit, but this time flew with inexplicable rage, mumbling something about probes, decency and revenge. He opened up with his cannon and screamed with glee as the strange light dipped out of the sky, only to turn and head for the stars again.

OISH heard about Stirling’s behaviour and recruited him into their unit. He is an extraordinary pilot, but a very strange and intense man with a decided grudge against foos and their contents.

Hemi Heke grew up just down the road from Vic in the Hawke’s Bay. He was always a little odd, having an aura about him that made people decidedly uneasy. He was from a family of Tohunga, or priest, and was taught to be well versed in the Occult knowledge of the Maori. Hemi was a particularly adept student, and as a teengaer Vic happened to be with him on an occasion where a magickal battle took place. This was at least one of the incidents that pushed Vic into his studies of Occultism.

During the Great War, Hemi served in the Maori pioneer battalion as a chaplain. Vic made sure that he was transferred into OISH to help him out. Not long after the war ended, Hemi returned to New Zealand, but Vic called on him occasionally for help. But now, in the 1930s, Hemi has sensed the growing evil that Nazism represents, and has eagerly rejoined Vic in his battles. Although he doesn’t carry a gun, he does not need to. Most people who look into his eyes are quite willing to run in the other direction…

Finally, Sergeant Mike Sten. A true grass roots working class Brit, Sten had already fought on the North West Frontier before being asked to join OISH (no-one ever applies for OISH – they contact you!). He had been a private soldier involved in a nasty fight with a Pathan tribe who were fostering a new Mahdi. It turned out that this Mahdi was actually a sorceror, well versed in the Dark Arts. It was Sten that turned the day in the final fight, producing a magic ring that he had nicked which trapped the soul of the evil Magician, but only after his whole company had been wiped out. Few people believed Sten’s story of survival, thinking that he had gone mad with grief, but OISH knew better. They recruited the obviously resourceful Sergeant, and found that his special talent – the ability to ‘acquire’ things – came in handy.

Above: a picture of Sgt Mike Sten. He carries a prototype sub machine gun stolen during a mission in Germany, and wears a prototype camouflage smock, found lying around in the office of some guy called Denison. Note he also wears the purple beret of OISH, and on his left shoulder you can just see the flash for OISH – a purple triangle on a white background.

Little Known Fact 1: The prototype SMG carried by Sgt Sten was used by Enfield to help design their own budget SMG, later called the ‘Sten’. Publicly this was not known, as OISH are a highly secretive organisation, and it was sheer luck that the designers’ names started with ‘S’ and ‘T’ and that the ‘EN’ from Enfield could be used to create the name Sten as a cover story.

Little Known Fact 2: The Nazi’s gave homosexuals the symbol of a pink triangle in mockery of the OISH flash. They thought it would be the ultimate insult. However, as the Colonel bats for the other team, it had no effect at all really…

So there we have it, the Alcoholic and Commie are joined by an alien abuse victim, a witch doctor and a kleptomaniac and you now know something about the colonel’s sexual orientation that you really didn’t need to!

Tune in for more background in the near future!


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