The Seven Years War begins…

For me, anyway. My birthday order of RSM95 figs turned up today, along with two extra guns and two generals from Richard by way of an apology for the delay in getting them to me. I’ve said it before, but I really appreciate manufacturers who make an effort, and try to be as loyal to them as possible. I’ve still got 17 WWI Brits to finish, but I couldn’t resist undercoating a French Battalion and painting a test figure, so here he is:

The figures are quite slim and realistically proportioned. Detail is minimal, but enough to clearly see where to paint. Flash was practically non-existant aside from having to file down the bottoms of the bases a little. This was a happy surprise after the Great War miniatures and the amount of time it took to clear up the flash on those!

Another angle:

And another for luck:

These are the start of my battalions for the Die Kriegskunst wargames rules. 16 figures to a battalion for French and British (British can be up to 20). I have 3 battalions of line infantry for the French, although I still need to get a command for one of them. The British have a 20 man battalion, a 16 man battalion, and, when I get a couple more figures, a 12 man grenadier battalion. The intermediate goal is to have 6 battalions, 3 guns and 2 cavalry regiments per side, so I’m well underway. The plan is not to order anything new until I have painted the units that I have got, but I don’t know if that will work… I will aim to get 2 battalions painted a month, though.



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