Trying to Organise Myself

The original stated intention of this blog was to try to keep my painting on track. It has worked quite successfully for my Arthurian WAB army, but I have returned to my butterfly like ways since. Slowly the World War One figs have been painted, and are finally near completion. All the base coats are down on the last 17 British infantry. And the Flames of War repaints are due to be finished this week. But there has been no real project management as such. So I’ve got a plan!

By January 2010 I intend to have fully painted armies for:

1. Warhammer Ancient Battles Arthurian British and Saxons

2. Warhammer Great War 1916-18 Germans and British

3. Flames of War mid-late war Germans (Dan’s British are finished)

4. English Civil War Parliamentarians and Royalists (dan’s getting these) for the 1644 rules

5. Napoleonic French for General de Brigade

6. Warhammer Ancient Battles Romans and Ancient British

7. Warhammer 40,000 Chaos

Some of these are done or nearly done, and I think 16 months is a realistic expectation for the rest. I just have to make myself stay on task. The aim is 1 battalions of Napoleonics and a regiment of ECW a month, and if I have time left over, some Romans.

Now back to the Brits.



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