A Long Weekend of Gaming

It was just Labour weekend here, and Dan came down to stay. It was a busy threee and a half days with a decent amount of gaming and some model making.

We started Saturday morning with a game of Legends of the Old West. We hacven’t played this in a year or so, and I was very surprised how easily the rules came to us. When I say that, it was in light of the fact that Dan had left the rulebook in Auckland, so we were playing with memory and my old roster sheet. We only had to look up one thing, which I did in the Legends of the High Seas book. Because the systems are so similar, it transferred perfectly. So anothe shootout in Armpit with 2 identical gang rosters. The result was bloody, and by turn three things were looking bad for my gang. but the comeback was on, and with no campaign nobody voluntarily retired. It came down to 2 deputies facing off. They survived their showdown and both headed for the hills on the last turn. A fun game.

The set-up for the game in the town of Armpit, Arizona.

A struggle around the Corral.

Bloodbath at the crossroads.

The next game was Warhammer Historical’s The Great War. We wanted to get our freshly painted British and German armies on the table. We decided on a blitz scenario with the Brits having 1500 points versus German 750. I kind of expected that as the German player I would be sitting back and shooting. What I didn’t expect was that my forces would take a hammering in the preliminary bombardment, that they would frequently find themselves unable to shoot due to pinning and that my turn would take five minutes while the British took about 40 minutes. All up, not a particularly enjoyable game to play. Probably quite accurate in a historical sense but that would be for solo games I’m sure. When two people want an enjoyable game it doesn’t really cut it. We also found the Great War rulebook quite frustrating to navigate at times. We relied on our familiarity with Warhammer 40,000 to get us through the basics, and this similarity was one of the main reasons we had looked forward to this ruleset. We’ll give it another go with 1000 point forces on each side, and hopefully they will give a more enjoyable game. The other option is looking into Iron Ivan Games’ Price of Glory, which I’ve got and looks very good.

The British Army.

On Sunday we played a game of DBA to warm up. And we enjoyed it, so we played another. And another. And another. We played DBA until 1.00 in the morning. We both hadn’t realised just how entertaining and addictive this little game is! We ordered another couple of armies (Ancient Spanish and another Polybian Roman) with an eye to playing Big Battle DBA for the Punic Wars. Now we just have to paint the figures – that’s why there are no photos of these games.

On Monday we built some terrain and got stuck into some Warhammer 40,000 figures. I converted a Chaos rhino into a Space Marine Razorback and built a Veteran Vanguard Assault squad to travel in it. Dan played around with the Chaos Dreadnought and gave it a pretty daemonic arm. Pics will follow. My Space Marines are to be known as the Solar Companions, but their nickname will be the Smiley faces of the Emperor. More on that in the future.

Today 3 boxes of plastic Perry Napoleonic goodness showed up, so more on that in the next blog.


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