Perry French

I’ve been quite busy lately, and so painting has been gruellingly slow, but I’ve finally finished my first battalion of plastic Perry Napoleonic French. I had a bit of an epiphany a fortnight or so ago and decided that I was going to use the WRG 1685-1845 rules for my Napoleonic gaming. The main reason was that these were the rules that I had used as a teenager upon first starting out wargaming, and there was a somewhat nostalgic feel to them. I don’t think we ever played them properly as kids, but I have the rules now, and they are not that complex. A lot of reaction tests, and just remembering the correct order to do everything in really, but I can imagine after a couple of games it will mostly become second nature.



So what do i think of the Perry figures? Fantastic! They paint up beautifully, and at the price that they are, I can afford to make a decent sized division. I haven’t tried to do any head swaps yet, but will probably do so later. They really don’t take that long to prepare, and technically shouldn’t need an undercoat. However, I did spray these guys black on the sprue, before changing my plan and reundercoating them white. The main reason was that I thought it would make the colours a bit bolder and might save time on the white parts of the model. So some of these figures were painted with black undercoat, and some with white. It is pretty much impossible to tell which was which now.

The goal is a 10 battalion division, and this will require 4 plastic boxed sets and 3 packs of metal command. I’ll concentrate on getting infantry for the Brits and the French first of all, as they are mostly to be found in plastic. By the time I get to the artillery and cavalry I’m hoping Victrix will have released some plastic kits for these things. The only downside will be the consistency of uniform, but i’m going for late Peninsula War anyway, so a mix of uniforms is perfectly reasonable.

I’ve also decided that I will base the American Civil War and the French and Indian War on the WRG rules as well.

Just ordered several new DBA armies, and under the brush right now are the last 3 elements of Alexandrian Macedonians. WAB armies are definitely on the back burner… priorities are Napoleonics, DBA and ECW. I plan on painting rather eratically, just picking up bits and pieces here and there.

Plenty more painting to do.


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