It’s been a while, but…

I never say ‘no excuses’, there are always excuses! In this case it has been that school has been busy and painting has taken a back seat as a result. I’ve finished off the first battalion of French with a nice flag around the Eagle, and have painted another half battalion in greatcoats. I’ll post them as soon as they are finished. Aside from that, I’ve finished 3 elements of GHQ 1:285 Modern Germans:


Mounted for Modern Spearhead, these are just samplers. Very easy to paint, but I need a pile more to build a decent army out of them. Dan’s got Israelis. We didn’t get matched pairs because we just wanted armies we thought were cool. I don’t know why Germans and Israelis would be going head to head in the modern era, and frankly it’s a minefield that I don’t want to even tiptoe over!

We spent a decent amount of time last weekend painting and finishing off trenches and craters for our battlefields. We also put together the last of the Space Marines (still need a librarian, but otherwise finished!). 

We played several games of DBA, including one of Big Battle DBA for the Punic Wars. That was resolved fairly quickly when my CinC was outflanked and killed. I believe that it was the only element I lost. On my right flank I was carving through one of his commands… Note to self – keep your CinC out of potential danger!

We also played DBA Biblicals with Philistine and Later Hebrew Armies, which was a bit of a laugh as my Built Up Area ended up in Dan’s deployment zone. I placed an element of spear in it as defence and watched as his Auxilia repeatedly assaulted the walls. Three elements left themselves smeared all over the defences. Very amusing.

Two DBA Wars of the Roses games were also played. These were quite evenly matched. I can’t remember whether the results were even in this contest as well. I have the feeling that I may have lost the first and won the second. I do remember that we enjoyed them quite a bit.

DBA has been a real revelation. We’re thoroughly enjoying our games, and now it is time to paint some armies! Technically it shouldn’t be too much effort to paint 12 elements, but it actually is! Mostly because we have other projects on the go – Dan has his Space Wolves and I have my Napoleonics. I’ ve no doubt we will get there though.

Hopefully I’ll get to do a bit more painting over the holidays.


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