Tomb of the Mummy King

After looking at my mate Scott’s blog and seeing his mines of Moria terrain, I decided to have a go at something similar with some of the polystyrene that I’ve got cluttering up the place. I found a toy skull in a pirate game in a $2 Shop, and bought it on the off chance that it could be useful. Well of course it was useful! It became the inspiration for this – the Mummy’s tomb:


The polystyrene had bark glued to the outside, and then the whole thing was brushed with a mixture of watered down polyfilla, railway ballast and some black gesso. This dried to a light grey finish. I then watered down the gesso and gave the whole thing a wash so that it turned out dark grey. Finally I gave it a drybrush of Resene interior house paint, the light grey hermitage colour.


Some old railway flock (the sawdust type) was applied and a couple of bushes of lichen, and Bob’s your uncle.

For the interior I cut up cardboard rectangles and laid them down as paving stones. I coated the polystyrene walls with A4 computer paper, in order to make sure that I didn’t get the dappled effect that straight polystyrene gives, and built a balsa sarcophagus with a Games Workshop Ork hand holding on to the lid. The colours were again Resene: Desperado for the base coat lightened with a couple of shades of Rob Roy.


And there we have it. The tomb’s primary purpose is for our Weird World War Two games (if we ever get so far as to make some rules for them), but I can see it turning up in a few Legends of the High Seas Pirate games too!



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