Persians ready

The Persian DBA army was finished off last night. They are all painted in Black Line technique.  After observing a professional Black Line paint job, I decided that my biggest problem with the style was that I wasn’t leaving enough Black showing through. I believe that these Persians are an improvement on the Macedonians for that reason, although I’m still not happy with the horses.

Without further ado, here is the Persian DBA army:


My variant has 1x 3Cv (Gen), 2 x 3 v, 2 x 2LH, 4 x 4Sp, 3 x 2Ps

Close ups:


General, 3Cv, 2LH, 2Ps


4 x 4 Sp, 2 are Greek Hoplites, 2 are Persian.


And finally a scene of Persians vs. Macedonians. Viewed side on (above) and from behind the Persian lines (below).


Next I plan to get into a couple of Napoleonic units again. At the moment though I have a Warhammer character under the brush – Wulfrik the Wanderer. Hopefully I’ll get him finishedand post a picture soon. Next DBA army will be Philistines to fight Dan’s Hebrews.



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