Weekend of gaming

Dan and I played a few games this weekend, and also managed to fit in going to see Watchmen. The movie was fantastic, even if some simpletoin in the back row kept laughing at Dr Manhatten’s penis. First time, ok, but EVERY time? Gimme a break and grow up.

Anyway, we played a game of DBA, Alexandrian Macedonian vs Later Archaemenid Persian. Went well. Verywell for the Persians, who won, but it was a very near thing. I took heaps of photos for a battle report, but haven’t had time to go through and play with them, so here is a taster and there will be more in a later post:


Some Wings of War and some 40K:


Dan is just finishing off his Space Wolves for the National Convention in Hamilton in a month’s time, and I’m slowly finishing off my second battalion of Napoleonic Brits.

We’ve agreed that next on the agenda is 500 points of Warmachine, followed by our 15mm Field of Glory armies. Dan has Carthaginians and I have Romans. We’ve also decided to give the Iron Ivan Games Price of Glory rules a crack, as our last games of Great War have been, shall we say, disappointing.

Back to the paint brush



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