More painting

To start off, I said that I was going to post a battle report from our DBA game in the last post.  Unfortunately the pictures turned out quite dull, so I’ve abandoned that goal.  This week I have made a point of doing an hour of painting every night, and have finished the 12 Victrix British that I had been working on for the last month or so. Napoleonics are labour intensive to paint but look so good when finished! This latest battalion is the 28th Gloucesters with their lovely yellow facings. I now have 8 more figures undercoated and ready to go, which will be the flank companies for the 2 battalions that I have already finished. when they are done (hopefully by next weekend), I will put up a post of the completed British battalions.

After that, I will be starting the Vistula Legion lancers, as I plan to paint 2 battalions from both sides, then a support choice, then 2 battalions again as a regular pattern. I plan to chip away at the Napoleonics steadily throughout this year.

As stated before, the next combined project for Dan and I is Warmachine. I have a Mercenary force, he has Cygnar. My Mercs are heavily Rhulic, and the plan is eventually to be able to field an entirely Rhulic army, now that the Horgenhold Guard have been released and can add some variety to the troops choices. I painted a Hammerfall High Shield soldier in grey a couple of years ago. Then I painted the Ghordson Driller in khaki, and then Durgan Madhammer in khaki. So I went back to the Hammerfall guys and decided to go with a  ‘WWI British Tommy’ theme. After painting the first figure, here are the results:


And another view showing the Hammerfall Shieldsman to the side:


The scheme is nice and simple – Vallejo khaki for armour plate and British Uniform for the uniform. Webbing is buff.

I’ve bought the Too Fat Lardies rules for Through the Mud and the Blood. All of their rules get quite positive reviews on TMP, so I thought I’d splash out the 7 quid (hardly a major dent in the wargaming finances) and see. Initial skim through is positive, but I’m not sure about having to make a deck of cards. I like the idea of a card driven system, but it is actually making them that I’m not so sure about, as I am a perfectionist and making stunning cards could seriously cut into figure painting time!

To finish off this post, a couple of photos of the painted Napoleonics in action, fighting it out over a bridge:


The 1st battalion 18th Regiment crosses the bridge, supported by the second battalion at the river’s edge.


The 54th West Norfolk battalion trades volleys with the French.

That’s all for now. I’ll try and have something interesting next time!


4 comments on “More painting

  1. Check the toofatlardies Yahoo group, and see if any of the blinds already produced by others will do for you. I’m not sure how many there are for Mud and Blood, but I believe someone mentioned some.

    • Thanks Jonathan
      Looks like quite a bit of good stuff there that richard has posted. Currently having trouble downloading it though…

  2. Hi Nate,

    I tried posting this earlier and it doesn’t appear to have gone through. Sorry if I’m (unintentionally) spamming you. : )

    I’m a big fan of your Rhulic paint scheme. Any chance you could do a step-by-step write up of your technique and colors used? Thanks!

    • Hi JM
      Sorry, your message went through, I was just deliberately ignoring you ;o! Seriously, I was looking to answer this with a post soon, but I’ve been super-busy (as you can probably tell from entries – although I did still waste a couple of hours or so on the new Frankenberg blog, but, priorities and all of that!).
      I’ll try and write a quick post now, and if you’ve got any questions, just give us another message. Promise I’ll reply!

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