What’s new in the world of wargaming?

I’m not posting anywhere near as much as I would like lately. I can’t wait for the holidays!

There are a few things that have caught my eye (or ear) and that I am likely to lavish my hard-earned cash on this year. First up is Mark Copplestone’s new ‘The Glory of the Sun’ range. I love Mark’s figures. He says that this will be a small range, but so long as it includes, pike, shot, horse, guns and generals – then I am in! Here’s a few pics provided on the Steve Dean Painting forum:

All I can say is WOW!

Next up, Victrix have released their pre-1812 box of French.  Now I’m not fickle in any way (yeah, right), but these look fantastic. Odds are that the Perry French might just have to go to be replaced by these new chaps! Again, pictures are from the Steve Dean painting forum:

I’m hoping that I can sell my painted Perrys for enough that I can break even. There is a belief out there that plastic will not have any resale value – we will have to wait and see.

To fight with, I will undoubtedly be downloading the PDF of the new Rank and File rules from Crusader miniatures.

Warlord Games has released their plastic ECW range, and it is very tempting to just add a few more figures to my ECW collection. Of course I still have a couple of hundred to paint, but one can never have enough…
Further to the detriment of my wallet, it sounds as though the wonderful Perry brothers are set to release plastic Wars of the Roses figures. Woe is me. This will NOT be able to be avoided…
Aside from that, this year I’m looking at purchasing the rest of my Warhammer Chaos army, and whatever plastic goodies Victrix unveil for Napoleonics. Napoleonics are my solo project, and I assume that the Louis XIV era will be as well. Hopefully Dan will jump on board wit hthe Wars of the Roses.
I’ve just finished painting some figs, so once their bases are dry, I’ll put up some photos.

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