What’s just off the painting table?

First up – the 2 Victrix British battalions have had their flank companies added and are now complete. Here they are in all of their glory:


And a closer shot of the flank companies. Yes I’m aware that they are meant to be on either side of the battalion like the French are, but I got them quite a bit after the centre companies, and I wasn’t going to rebase everything!


Next up, another step in the direction of a 500 point Warmachine force – Gorten Grundback, my warcaster:


Finally, a side project of sorts. I’ve always wanted to wargame the New Zealand Wars, and even had a pile of Old Glory figs painted up at one stage. But I was so annoyed at the fact that they were not particularly accurate, I sold them all off.

I purchased some Eureka miniatures British Imperial troops and Colonial militia a couple of years ago. They have just sat there, but I am now determined to use them for a game based on Legends of the Old West. So I have put together my first unit – 9 figures of British Infantry.



Generally I am pleased with how they turned out. However, there was one serious flaw. I used Citadel Midnight Blue as a base coat for the figures, and it worked well for the blue areas, but lifted through the white and the grey! It is visible in these photos. I have painted over these areas since varnishing the figure, but it is nearly impossible to eliminate this purple pigmentation. I’m severely disappointed, and have resolved never to use GW paints again! It isn’t too much of a resolution ,as I pretty much use vallejo for everything now, but don’t have a deep blue-black. I’ll order one tomorrow.

The other NZ Wars figure that I’ve painted up is a conversion from a Perry Miniatures¬†plastic American Civil War figure. I’ve used Green stuff to give him a Pork Pie cap, and cartridge pouch. I think he has come out quite well. He needs a few touch ups, as I’ve painted him very quickly to see if the Green stuff additions work:


Since this photo I’ve tidied up the paint spills and flattened the forage cap down to give a sharper angle. I think he came out OK and fits in quite well with the other figures. He will be the first of a converted company to fight alongside the Eureka figs. I’ll probably look to have 3 units of British Regulars, one of militia, and some artillery. I might even have a go at some olonial Defence Force Cavalry. I still have 11 Maori left over from the Old Glory days and will probably add to these . 20 or so should be about right. My thinking is to get the Old Glory Militia pack, as these give some more variety in dress.


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