The new Marlburians

Here is a snapshot of the new Marlburians that I have been working on.  They are 15mm Lancashire games, but they are actually closer to 20mm than anything. A decent size means that the detail is relatively accessible with a paint brush.

I’ve sorted out an Anglo-Dutch and French army for the 1644 rules of around 1250 points. When these are all painted I will look at expanding to a 2000 point force. Infantry battalions are 20-24 figures strong, and the cavalry units are 10-12 figures strong. I looked long and hard at Principles of War, but in the end, I wanted units with  a bit more heft to them. I’m already planning to use 1644 for the English Civil War, so not having to learn a new rules system appealed.  They were originally written by Rick Priestly for the War of Spanish Succession and then amended for ECW, so I’m sure they will play alright. There is also the familiarity and ease of understanding of Rick’s rules for me. So the decision is made. And now, without further ado:

Foot Guards front

Foot guards back

More as soon as the whole unit is finished!


5 comments on “The new Marlburians

  1. sorry to see no updates on your wargame painting etc recently hope u are ok. Just want to ask if we can put some of the pics off your site of our figures onto our website calory inc a link and recognition opf u as painter

    • No Worries Allan. It has just been a hectic term and I’ve been trying to paint my regiment of Danish Cuirassiers for 3 weeks without success…
      Holidays now, so hopefully some updates soon. Very happy for you to use photos from the blog on your new site.

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