Warmachine project just about complete

I took some photos of the Marlburians and while I had the camera out I thought I’d capture some of the Warmachine figs that I’ve finished too.

Here they are – first up the Grundback gunners. I had a tragic moment getting these guys out of the cabinet. One of them hit the concrete in the shed and shattered. I glued him back together about 3 minutes before taking this photo. See if you can work out which one it was!


Ahhh, got the lighting right for these boys – the first unit of  the Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps:


Finally, an Ogrun Bokur, a bodyguard for Gorten Grundback.


That’s it for now.


2 comments on “Warmachine project just about complete

  1. Your Hammerfall Highshields and Bokur are stunning. I’d really appreciate a full ‘how-to’ on your painting technique for these figures.


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