Next Regiments

As promised, I managed to finish another Marlburian unit. This is the Regiment Picardie, the senior line regiment in the French army. I thought that it would be a bit boring to paint with all that grey, but on the contrary I really enjoyed it.  Marlburians are really a joy to paint – I love seeing them come to life under the brush.

Regiment Picardie

And here is a close-up of the drummer. I really like how the livery turned out.

Picardie closeup

Not content with finishing the required regiment on time, I have also managed to sneak in a Demi-Brigade of French Revolutionary infantry. These are also Lancashire Games figures, but closer to true 15mm.

18e Ligne (2)

Yes, it is yet ANOTHER period. These were very easy to paint as well. I think it is just the whole 15mm thing being so different from 28mm in terms of painting time. The plan is to do about 11 French battalions and the same of Austrians. I’m thinking Bonaparte in Italy 1796, and basing the armies on the orders of battle for Arcole. If the project flies (and like the Marlburian one, I’m pretty sure that it will), I might even get some Prussians in there too.

And in the true spirit of Anglo-French friendship, here is a photo just for the hell of it:


‘Tirez les premiers Monsieurs les Anglais’ (OK it is a little early for Fontenoy, but it is a great quote!)

Yes, for the eagle eyed amongst you, I have rebased the English. It doesn’t matter what size your bases are for the Rank and File rules, and this system gives me the flexibility of using Beneath the Lily Banners or Principles of War, or even Shako.

I’ve also decided to amputate the command system from Warmaster and sew it on to rank and File. I think the two will complement each other superbly.

Next: Churchill’s Foot for Marlburian, due 26th July.


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