Where’s the painting you promised?!

My apologies. Two weeks late and the Lyonnais regiment has only begun to be painted.

I can’t believe how busy I have been this month. We’ve had a school inspection (which we passed with flying colours), I’ve had loads of marking, and of course, the house is on the market. The latter has eaten away most of my free time, I’m afraid.

So where am I currently in terms of wargaming? 12 figures of the Regiment Lyonnais are undercoated with base colours painted. About a third of the way through. I chose the Lyonnais because of their awesome colour scheme – red cuffs and stockings with green waistcoats!

I’ve been rethinking rules again. The current decision is to go with the 1644 rules, as I was going to originally. I may look at the command system and maybe applying the Warmaster mods I was thinking of anyway. The big thing is that my French battalions need to be 36 figures strong, so a bit more painting yet.

Hopefully the first 18 Lyonnais will be ready soon. I’ll post as soon as they are.



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