Some painting done – and a new set of rules

I fit the wargames butterfly mold very well. Even when I decide on a project that I want to complete, I still um and arr over rules. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and my logic has arrived at a final conclusion. I play, and want to play, many different preiods and genres of wargames. But I also have limits on my time. Therefore, it makes sense not to have to learn too many rules systems. So I’ve decided to narrow down my wargaming rules to a few sets that are multi-purpose without losing the character of the period. With this in mind, the top contenders are: Ancients – Field of Glory; Horse and Musket – Principles of War; WWI and II – Rules of Engagement. For Pike and Shot, I am currently at a loss. I like the look of 1644, but will definitely buy and try Renaissance FoG when it comes out. I’m hoiping these rules will revolutionise and revitalise the tournament environment, so that we never have to suffer another comp using DBR…

Therefore, I’ve gone with 18th Century Principles of War for my Marlburian. This means 9 figures to an allied infantry unit, and 12 to a French one, which makes my figures go further.  It also appeals to my painting style and my laziness.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy painting, but dislike painting too many of any one thing. So 9 figures to a regiment is perfect for me – I just don’t get bored!  There is also a finite number of units to paint in order to enjoy a game, and I am very happy with this aspect as well.

I’m using the Dutch army list for the Anglo-Dutch allied army, and the French list for the French (well, d’uh…).  All of the Brits are painted, and can be seen here supported by a Hanoverian Battalion:


The ability to put an army together rather cost-effectively and relatively quickly has huge appeal. What about the rules themselves? I like what I see at the moment, not having actually played them. If they don’t work out, I’ll just use Shako instead, as I know that I also like those rules, and the basing can be the same.

Next: 3 finished French units by next Monday 24th August – for real this time!



2 comments on “Some painting done – and a new set of rules

    • Hi Bob
      Three figures to an infantry base and two to a cavalry base as per my basing system that you see on this blog. But there are only three bases in a single rank for Anglo-Dutch Confederate and 4 bases in a double rank for the French.
      I found the army lists a bit odd. I don’t have the rules here, but there were about 10-12 units of infantry and 5-6 of cavalry in the lists. The Dutch list was a little different to the English list, and I planned to simply use the English list which includes allies. The rules themselves looked quite promising, but I probably would have created my own army lists in the end.
      Hope that helps

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