Some more painting

I’ve finished off the two regiments of French that I was painting – the Regiment Champagne and the Regiment Lyonnais. I accidentally glued the wrong labels and flags to the command stands, but have now swapped them around, although that was just slightly annoying…


Being a committed and focused painter, I also thought I’d pump out a few other figures. Here is a squad of  GIs for Rules of Engagement (more about that later).


And a close up

Yanks closeup

I also painted up the first of many Mid-Republican Roman elements for Field of Glory. Here they are hiding behind their big red scutums…


They were quite easy to paint, and the main reason for painting them was to get an idea of how long it might take to get the whole army done. I’d say, if i could focus, three months. Reality? Give it a year or so… Especially as the Marlbs aren’t finished and the Napoleonic Principles of War book showed up today.

Finally, I recently invested in Song of Blades and Heroes, and its Napoleonic version Song of Drums and Shakos. I really like these rules, and I’m thinking that SDS will work very well for the NZ Wars. I’m also looking at SBH for a Celt-Roman skirmish game. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce my first Celt – his name is Obelix.


I’ll catch up on the great first game of Rules of Engagement that Dan and I had in the next post.



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