The Marlburian Project

Well, after numerous changes of mind, I have finally settled on using 1644 as the rules for my Marlburian project. I’ve therefore had to start looking at 24 figure regiments. The intermediate plan is to have 8 infantry, 4 cavalry and 4 guns finished, enough for 1500 points a side. I’ve broken this down again into making sure that I have 4 regiments of foot, 2 cav and 2 guns per side completed first.

I’ve been painting figures in groups of 12 infantry or  6 cavalry to limit the boredom factor that I often find with painting too many of the same figure, so a lot of these pictures show the first half of regiments. All figures are Lancashire Games.

Gardes francaises

The Gardes Francaises

La Marck

The German La Marck regiment


The Lyonnais Regiment. I have since worked out that the drummer shouldn’t be in the livery uniform, but in regimental colours. He will be repainted, but only after everything else is finished!)


The Gendarmerie – not a particularly good photo, as it is all front on and a little blurry.


The British Foot Guards. There is a limit of 20 figures in this regiment, so that is how many I have done. The individually based 19th and 20th men are on the right hand side. In order to make sure that they didn’t just fall over on terrain all the time, I have glued thin magnetic strip between the sidesof the elements. This works very well.

British inf

The rest of the British Infantry, in complete 24 figure battalions. Churchill’s regiment and Stanhope’s regiment featured.


The first of the Dutch are – German! The Brandenbourg Regiment in homage to my ancestry! Not sure about the Lancashire Games figs here, as the hat brim is perhaps too flat. My reading is that the sides were turned up, but I’m not too worried, as the flat hat really differentiates them.

I’m just working on the other 12 figures of the Gardes Francaises at the moment. Not pictured are the 24 figure Picardie Regiment, the Villequier Chevaux-Leger and the first 6 figures of Wyndham’s Horse.

I’m really enjoying the Marlburian project, and it is my priority for the rest of this year to get it finished. However, in about three weeks or so there will be a new baby on the scene, so we will have to see how far I get.



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