German 28mm World War Two

I enjoyed the game that Dan and I had of Rules of Engagement so much that I made the completion of a German platoon for these rules a priority. I started painting these as SS, simply because of all the cool equipment that was available in the Army lists. I usually shun anything related to the SS, so these are an exception. I have enduring respect for the basic landser, though, and in 1944-45, these guys can fit into Das Heer OK. In fact, some of the support and command has been painted in everyday field grey to emphasise that point!


The comand squad with some ornery veterans of the Eastern Front. Equipped with captured PPSh SMGs as a badge of honour.


The full platoon of infantry. Pictured below are squads 1, 2 and 3

Inf closeup


Inf squad 3


Above and below are the support sections – 2 HMGs and a mortar.

Support closeup


Specialist troops that can be merged into the infantry platoons, or in the case of the sniper and his mate, selected as a support choice.

 AT gun

Above and below are the PaK 40, all camouflaged and ready for an ambush. I have the first of the German tanks undercoated, but I’m going to borrow an airbrush to finish it off.




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