Another Blog

Another Blog? I can’t even keep this one updated on a regular basis! Well, no, but then I have been a bit busy. My new daughter, Olivia, was born on the 28th October. As if that wasn’t enough, we are moving in 2 weeks as well, so a lot of my stuff is getting packed away. Having said that, I have continued to paint some 15mm Marlburian, and will try and get some photos uploaded soon.

What I am going to do though, is moving the tracking of my Marlburian project to a new blog based on a campaign in the imagi-nation of Frankenberg. This documentation can be found here

The plan is that this strong narrative thread will pull me on to get my 15mm Marlburians finished ASAP.  It also allows me to be a bit more creative rather than just showcasingphotos of my models, which is what seems to happen here. Sometime in the near future I will also put a new blog together specifically for WWI.

In the meantime, stay tuned to Frolics in Frankenberg.


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