Signing off for a while

We shifted house last weekend, which has been a bit of a time-consuming process all up. As we head into the final week of school all the jobs left until the end of the year are sitting here in a big pile in front of me. Normally this would mean normal blogging would resume fairly soon. However, New Zealand being the super-advanced nation that it is, my new house has to make do with a dial-up connection because the local broadband server is clogged up. I think that if I lived in the middle of the Sahara I’d have a more advanced telecommunications network than I do here, and would pay a fraction of the price that I do for the service.

Enough whinging. the fact is that there isn’t much to update right now anyway, and I’ll be making special trips into school to update the blog. So no real action for a while I would think. Feel free to drop commentsby in the meantime.



4 comments on “Signing off for a while

  1. Many condolences on the internet hassles; we’ve just moved and had to deal with similar issues. Just moved to Taupo, in fact, and I’ve been wondering if there were any wargamers (preferably Warmachiners) in the area. Is the Rotorua Wargaming Club still extant? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Hi Gabriel. There is still a Rotorua Wargaming Club – I just don’t get there too often and play mostly with the Irregulars (see the link on my blog). If you want to send an e-mail to me at natholeon@hotmail-dot-com, and I’ll fill you in on dates and so on. I still haven’t played Warmachine yet!!! But I will be getting Mk 2 soon and aim to have several games under my belt this year. Very keen to get ging with it, so an experienced hand showing me the ropes would be appreciated!

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