Brief update

It has been a long while since I did anything on this blog. I had thought by now that we might have decent internet, but alas, it was not to be.

I have done quite a bit over the break, particularly on the Marlburians, which can be seen over on the Frolics in Frankenberg site (yip, I’ve updated that twice!). I built my gaming table, which was always the main project, and played quite a few games. I also spent more time in the garden than usual, and plenty of time with the family (and too much time back at work getting ready for the new year).

Highlights were the gaming nights around at John’s (Rotorua Irregulars) and catching up with my mate Marcus to play a Black Powder game:

So what are the wargaming plans for 2010?

1. Finish the Marlburians. I’m over halfway…

2. A Soviet army for Flames of War.

3. A Khador force for Warmachine.

4. Finish the Rules of Engagement 28mm WWII stuff (US and Soviets), and get some 1940 Germans and French from Crusader Miniatures.

5. Start some Superhero gaming and Pulp Adventure/Weird World War II type games.

6. Rebase my Arthurians for Field of Glory and build a FoG Wars of the roses army using the new Perry figures.

7. Start up another Blog site that focuses on my passion for WWI (assuming I get decent internet).

I think that there is more than enough here to keep me occupied, especially as I’m painting up armies for friends as well! As my Marlburians are completed I’ll update the Frankenberg site, and when the preliminary armies are finished I’ll put pictures up here. Who knows, NZ might genter the Twentieth Century (no that isn’t a mistake) of telecommunications and I’ll be able to do regular updates again!


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