Finally another update

Here we go with what I’ve been up to in the last month.  It has been a case of getting myself back into a painting groove, so here are the latest offerings:

The French Listenois Dragoon regiment.

Stair’s Dragoons, later to become the Scots Greys.

The Tattenbach and Lutzenberg Regiments, Bavarian units allied to King Louis.

Allied Generals (Lord Maykit, von Hinder-Entz, van Klogg and von Pritzwalk) and French Generals.

Two practice DBA elements. Some Perry archers for a Yorkist Wars of the Roses army and two elements of Gauls to battle Julius Caesar.

I’ve also whipped out a German HMG platoon for Flames of War, but no photos yet sorry.

Lastly, the other day I had a few spare minutes so setup a WWI table to see how it would look:

The table laid out. The German trenches are manned, but I haven’t put the British out. Wife and baby in the background. To the right, German HQ in the ruined town.

That’s it for now. I’ll try and be a little more regular with my posting from now on.



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