The Marlburian armies so far

I’m just over two thirds of the way to completing my target of 9 infantry battalions, 5 cavalry regiments and 3 guns per side. Here’s a couple of photos of them:

The Confederate Maritime Powers Army. Dutch troops on the left, English on the right and the Hanoverian battalion of the mixed brigade in the centre. The mixed Brigade will eventually contain a Prussian regiment and a Danish regiment with Wartensleben’s Horse.

The Franco-Bavarian army. The ‘German’ troops on the left – 2 Bavarian battalions, the La Marck regiment and Wolframsdorff Kurassiers on the left. To the right, the Picardie, Champagne and Lyonnais regiments with the Listenois Dragoons and Villequier horse. Up front, the Gardes Francaises and the Gendarmerie. To be added will be an Irish and a Swiss regiment, and the St-Genie Hussars.

I’m quite excited that I am almost finished the project. It will be the first time that I have ever bought and painted two sides of a conflict entirely by myself. In the future I will probably come back and add more troops to the mix, but I am content with the goal I’ve set for now.

Incidentally, the Wolframsdorff Kurassiers, seen here:

are painted with Green facings. I had been using Grant as my main source for colours, and the facings are listed as light blue. But Pete Berry on the Baccus site definitely says green. So I decided that I’d go with green, as I have no other Franco-Bavarian troops with green facings. Totally whimsical – possibly completely wrong, but I don’t care. I just like the name ‘Wolframsdorff”.  I do take accuracy seriously, but if I don’t have access to all of the necessary sources, or sources conflict, I simply choose the one I like the best. If anyone can point me towards verification that I have the colours wrong (or right) on any of my regiements, please let me know.

The same issue for my Dutch Luttisch Regiment:

Grant states that Walloon regiments wore green. Then he fails to list any Walloon regiments in his lists, which to me indicates that we don’t have any definite information on them. The Luttisch regiments colour is available from Warflag, and I wanted a Green coated regiment. So I gave them red cuffs, like their Imperial co-patriots, and red breeches as a distinguishing feature. They are probably totally incorrect, but again with this period there is conflicting or non-existent information, so I went with what I like. They look pretty – that is all that matters!

The other regiments finished recently are the Dopff Dragoons and the Welderen regiment, seen below:

Currently I have a French gun, a Dutch gun and an Irish regiment under the brush, so we should be able to see those soon.


One comment on “The Marlburian armies so far

  1. I have to say.. these are looking really good now mate. Sometimes you just have to do both sides just to get a project completed and game-able…

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